Welcome to my blog!
I’m Romina Meier, a girl from Germany with a passion for all beautiful things in the world. I was born in Duisburg 19 years ago. Currently, I'm a high school student but this year i will complete my graduation. I'm quite not sure what I want to do after school. On the one hand I want to study photography but on the other hand, I want a secure future. Let's see what the future brings?

On Donnaromina you can read about trends, my outfits, shoppingtips, beautystuff and my personal life. I have big dreams that include traveling to big cities and meet lots of wonderful people. A couple of years ago, I felt the need to build up a place where I could express myself: my fashionblog Donnaromina was born!
 So many people have asked me what ''Donna'' means - well, Donna means something like ''Madame'', but the only difference between Donna and Madame is, that Donna is Italian and Madame is french. And that's how it all started...
If you want to know more about me, please ask me here.

Thanks for reading and share the love!